About Over 55's Real Estate

Over 55's Real Estate was established in Adelaide. We understand our clients needs & aim to surpass their expectations every step of the way.

At over 55's Real Estate we understand the needs of our clients may be different to someone selling in their 20's, 30's or 40's. For some of our clients, this may be the first time they have sold after owning their home for 40-50 years & this can be a daunting prospect. We will take the time to explain all facets of selling & moving and we have the skills and resources to walk our clients and their families through the process step by step.


'We wanted to be able to save seniors some of the thousands of dollars involved in selling and help them pocket as much as possible. For seniors, their sale, and often it's their last sale, must set them up for the duration of their life'

Our fees are very low, marketing and advertising costs are kept to a minimum without compromising on quality. In other words, all the costs for selling, which are explained and agreed upon beforehand, can be invoiced monthly, and often carried over until settlement, depending on your personal, financial situation. This can become very important when spare money isn't easy to come by and all or most of a persons' wealth is tied up in their home.


Naomi Tomlinson

Senior Sales Consultant

Naomi understands her clients & has a personal commitment to achieving the best possible prices and providing the highest level of service. Discretion and a high level of communication are important to her.  You can safely entrust the sale of your home to Naomi with every confidence.

With a solid background in business management and an understanding that your property is your most valuable asset, Naomi thrives on achieving optimal outcomes for her clients via both private treaty and auction sales.

She is a stickler for open communication at all stages of the sale process and is always on hand to provide tips and ideas to ensure your home attracts maximum market interest and in turn, top dollar.

When she’s not meeting clients, showing properties and building relationships with prospective purchasers, Naomi can be found at the beach or on the netball court coaching her daughters netball team.

Put your property in the hands of a true professional. Naomi and the team at Over 55’s Real Estate will dedicate the time, energy and enthusiasm that you and your hard-earned investment deserves.

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One of the first and most important questions asked... What is your home worth?

Different agents will have different response to this question and thus, opinions of value can vary dramatically depending on their knowledge, experience and perception of the present market conditions.

Sadly, it is all too often that an agent responds with an “off the cuff” estimate or worse, tells the owner what they want to hear in an effort to secure their business. Unfortunately this could lead to all sorts of difficulties for the owner and the agent, and if inaccurate, cause unnecessary financial and emotional stress.

At Over 55's Real Estate we understand the need to be thorough and responsible in our analysis of your home. Remember, we are not “bidding” for your business when we discuss the price of your home. We will conduct a comprehensive Comparable Market Analysis and discuss all the research and information it contains, with you. 

If necessary, and this is often a good idea when there are no family members at all to lean on, we can arrange a fully independent licensed valuation to be conducted. This generally puts to rest any confusion over the various agents opinions of value. 


We have also sourced a list of highly experienced and competent Land Brokers / Conveyancer / Solicitors who provide all Over 55's Real Estate clients with a significant discount in relation to the conveyancing and transfer costs associated with any sale.


A personal lending manager or loan broker will be allocated to your home from Eadon Home Loans. Their role will be to help qualify any potential purchasers and to help ensure that, not only do they pay the highest price but they are also provided with the best financial deal available.

All this goes towards making sure we don't have a sale “fall over” at the last minute due to poor finances. 


Contact Eadon Home Loans, paul@eadonhomeloans.com.au